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Trinneer Teases Trip/T'Pol

By Caillan
August 5, 2003 - 9:48 AM

Connor Trinneer (Charles 'Trip' Tucker) this weekend revealed what season three has in store for Enterprise's chief engineer.

Speaking with TrekToday's Kristine Huntley at Creation Entertainment's Las Vegas convention, Trinneer shed some light on the rumours about Trip and T'Pol taking their relationship to the next level (story). "She's helping him sleep," he said. "She's asked by the doctor to use Vulcan acupuncture to help him sleep."

The engineer's insomnia is no doubt caused by his difficulty in dealing with the death of his sister in the Xindi's attack on Earth, but don't expect this situation to drive Trip into T'Pol's arms. "It could go anywhere," Trinneer said. "If I were to predict, we'll get to know each other better."

Enterprise's search for the Xindi this season will also arouse a desire for retribution in Trip. "I don't think he's going to be very happy," the actor said. "I think he does wear his emotions on his sleeve, but the most important thing is the ship. He can't be a renegade member of the crew."

But that doesn't mean there won't be some conflict with his friend and commanding officer, Captain Archer. "I hope [Trip] pisses him off and vice versa. I hope they explore the depth of friendship."

TrekToday's complete report from the Las Vegas convention will be published over the course of the next few days.

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