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'Nemesis' & 'Enterprise' Hot Topics At Vegas Con

By Caillan
August 5, 2002 - 6:31 AM

Trek celebrities dropped hints about the upcoming feature film 'Star Trek: Nemesis' and Enterprise's sophomore season at Creation Entertainment's Las Vegas convention this weekend.

Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) took the stage at the Las Vegas Hilton on Friday, August 2, and was only too happy to talk about Trek X's most anticipated event: the counsellor's wedding to William Riker. According to TrekToday correspondent Kristine Huntley, Sirtis said 'Star Trek: Nemesis' sees the Enterprise-E enroute to Betazed, where Troi and her beau will participate in a traditional Betazoid ceremony.

Deanna's effervescent mother, Lwaxana Troi, will not appear in the film, as it is explained that her character is on Betazed, waiting to participate in the second ceremony. Star Trek archivist Richard Arnold denied rumours that Lwaxana is dead, mentioning that he saw her name on early drafts of the script.

With the second event set to be conducted in the nude as per Betazoid custom, Sirtis said the film features several jokes about Starfleet's finest walking around in their birthday suits. "Worf doesn't want to get naked, and Picard keeps going to the gym."

On Saturday, August 3, Enterprise executive producer Brannon Braga appeared in the Grand Ballroom, and dropped hints about the show's temporal cold war arc. "We'll [continue it] as long as it's fresh," he said. He went on to reveal a little more about Daniels, the mysterious time-traveller from the 31st century. "Daniels isn't completely human. He's not really what he seems."

Braga addressed one of the most oft-debated topics, namely the possibility of having a gay character on Enterprise. As soon as he was asked the question, the producer joked, "Have you heard of a character named Commander Riker?" More seriously, Braga said any appearance by a gay character would have to be handled correctly. "It's a good question. To introduce a character and to call attention to it? There has to be a reason [for that character] to be [in the series]...without seeming obvious or to be catering to people."

The producer also promised Enterprise would not contradict facts established on previous Trek series. "It's not a problem, because we made an all-around decision to stay true to continuity." Overall, Braga said the main challenges in producing Enterprise are "having a good concept and good characters, as well as coming up with sci-fi ideas" on a weekly basis.

A complete report from Creation Entertainment's Las Vegas convention will be available soon.

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