Krige, Russ & Phillips Talk 'Endgame'

By Christian
August 5, 2001 - 10:59 PM

In Voyager's 'Endgame,' Alice Krige played her first television Trek role, Tim Russ played an insane Tuvok, and Ethan Phillips barely played anything at all. At the recent 'Voyager: The Return' convention, the three actors talked about the rather unique experience the finale was for them.

Speaking to, Borg Queen Alice Krige commented for the first time on Voyager's final episode. "I think 'Endgame' is really worth watching, it was very interesting for me and also quite scary to go from being in the film to being on television. On a sort of purely technical level as an actor, you have much less time in which to get it right, and I was moved and enormously impressed by the crew, and the level and sort of passion and expertise. Of which, I can expect that from actors, but it was just wonderful that they were working to a breathtakingly high standard under such time contraints."

Krige felt that the episode was also interesting for viewers. "Obviously, the story is going to be really sort of interesting and exciting, but I think the look of it, the effects are really quite wonderful."

For Tim Russ, portraying Tuvok in 'Endgame' was an interesting challenge. "[My] character suffers from dementia in that alternate future. And that's something that we more-or-less had to create and portray, having not seen it before. What we did was assume that his logic would no-longer work, his logic would be flawed, his logic would be twisted around so that it wouldn't make any sense - so that's how we decided to play it. Plus, there's a bit of me [Tuvok] knowing that the Captain [Janeway] isn't going to return, she was going."

"I think the dementia was a very interesting plot point," he continued. "[It] wasn't something that could not have happened, it was something that was created for the story. It gives [Janeway] another reason to go back to try to prevent that particular future from occurring, to save 16 years of time and getting home."

Ethan Phillips (Neelix) was only included in a very small part of 'Endgame,' as his character left the ship in 'Homestead.' "At first I was shocked," Phillips admitted, "but then I realised that it was the right thing to do. First of all, the story wouldn't have been worth doing if I had stayed behind on Voyager. Second, it makes sense logically, why go to a place where you have never been with a group of people, that although you love them, are all going to go their seperate ways. Third, I had fallen in love with this woman, she's my species and she has a son and I end up getting a family and a community and a place where I am held in some kind of esteem. So, it was really the only right thing to do."

A variety of other topics were discussed by the three stars in the full interviews. Alice Krige discussed 'First Contact' and her upcoming projects, Tim Russ talked about the chances for a Voyager feature film, T'Pol and his music, and Ethan Phillips talked about Neelix's meals and his own favourite episodes.

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