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By Christian
August 6, 2000 - 12:25 AM

Hello World!

Well, the Netherlands don't appear to have sunk into the sea while I was away, and I managed to get home only an hour later than I was hoping to.

Getting nearer to the Belgian/Dutch is always a great ritual, involving passing through all the radio frequency bands trying desperately to remember where again the Dutch news station Radio 1 is located, and then feeling strangely happy when you hear the first news items you couldn't have cared less about for the past three weeks - the Dutch security service also snooping on emails, parliament being recalled back from their holiday to issue a new law on, I kid you not, insecticides, and other such major happenings.

Anyway, today will of course again be a quick update before I crash into bed, but I'll be working through the huge backlog of news items and emails tomorrow, after I get all my luggage unpacked. Not being behind a makeshift 9.6k phone connection anymore will probably help in that.

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