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By Christian
July 5, 2000 - 10:54 PM

  • The official Jeri Lynn Ryan Homepage is reporting that Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) appeared as a special guest on NBC's 'Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular' yesterday.

  • has put up an excerpt of a recent interview with Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), in which he talks about his role in 'The X-Men' and working with Ian McKellen.

  • John Cook at Sev Trek has put up a report of the Multiverse 2000 Nicole de Boer convention in Melbourne, which he attended a few months ago to show some parts of the Sev Trek movie.

  • According to an article on the Continuum, Leonard Nimoy attended a panel on internet celebrity during an entertainment conference in LA this Friday. He talked about the vast opportunities available now on the net that didn't exist before, wondering what kind of landslide could have been generated had e-mail been available to the Original Series fans who protested its cancellation, and he also said he's currently working on obtaining his own name as a domain name.

  • Voyager's Delights has put up a video clip and screenshots from yesterday's appearance by Jeri Ryan on NBC's 4th of July special. You can find it at the site's news page.

  • David Henderson at Psi Phi has updated the syndicated Voyager schedule through early August.

  • And there is a new plot rumour making the rounds on 'Unimatrix Zero', though it does not at all fit in with the earlier rumours on next year's season premiere, so I'd advise you to still treat both the old and the new rumours as nothing more than that - none of this has been officially confirmed yet. The report can be found here on the web site of the Trekker Newsletter.

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