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It's Official: John Logan Writing Star Trek X

By Christian
July 5, 2000 - 8:33 PM

The official Star Trek site has confirmed what was reported a few days ago already: John Logan will be working as primary screenwriter on the tenth Star Trek film.

Logan's previous film credits include writing and producing the 1999 film 'Bats', while he also worked on the screenplays for 'Any Given Sunday' and 'Gladiator'. Logan's rewrite of the original 'Gladiator' script was apparently rather well received.

A few months ago, Berman said the film's writer was a "big name writer who's also a Star Trek fan", and said that "he's a very successful screenwriter, who has some major movies to his credit, and some of them, I think, you could definitely say fit within the science fiction realm and a number of them do not." I'm not sure if Logan's filmography actually supports these statements, but at least the franchise is getting a breath of fresh air with Logan.

The Continuum's official announcement can be found here. Credit should go out to Corona Coming Attractions, who, after months of rumours concerning the Trek X writer, were able to uncover John Logan's name a few days ago.

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