Paramount Wants To Contract Creative Team For Sequel

By T'Bonz
June 5, 2008 - 6:21 PM

Star Trek XI screenwriter Robert Orci revealed this week that Paramount is already trying to woo the creative team behind the new film to commit themselves to a possible sequel.

"[They] already want to lock us down to write the sequel. Take that as you will," Orci told Orci's comment applied to the whole creative team, including his co-writer Alex Kurtzman, director J. J. Abrams, and the producers. However, he also clarified that this was simply the studio's standard way of making sure the same creative team would be in place for a possible sequel, not a confirmation there actually would be a sequel: "Unless the studio had a horrible experience with us, they would be trying to lock us down as standard operating procedure. They havenít even seen the movie yet, so this news should not be taken as evidence that we are anything special. Itís a quite normal practice."

Of course, with the current film not even having been finished yet, let alone released, no work has yet been done on a possible sequel. But Orci did say the following when asked whether he'd put much thought into a sequel: "It depends on what you classify as 'much.' Weíve certainly thought about it some."

While Orci this week talked to, director Abrams briefly dropped by Entertainment Weekly to talk about his experience with Star Trek fans who want to know "every gory detail about a movie that's still a year away." Abrams advised Trek fans that they'd be better off not hunting down spoilers: "Learning raw detail and experiencing that detail as it was intended are two totally different things. [...] I would argue that not knowing those details in advance is a more refreshing way to live when it comes to entertainment."

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