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Masterson Talks About Leeta's Growth

By Michelle
June 5, 2007 - 9:20 PM

Chase Masterson has a new film in the can, Yesterday Was a Lie, in which she plays a singer caught up in a mystery. But she has remained very involved with Star Trek since she wrapped her final episode of Deep Space Nine, where she went from Dabo girl to highly unconventional Ferengi wife.

Having interviewed most of her fellow Star Trek alumni for, Masterson said that some of her favourite interviews were with the people she worked with the most closely. "Ira Behr was definitely a favorite-he's so down-to-earth, so emotionally wise, genuine. That's why DS9 was such an important show, such a compelling one, because he and his team wrote out of their hearts," she told Trekdom. "I loved interviewing Ron Moore for that same reason...he's so very talented and still so humble." She also had fun with her friend George Takei (Sulu), Marina Sirtis whom she called "a real kick", and several actors from other science fiction franchises.

"I just don't think I'm eye candy. But even if Leeta were written for that reason, Iím thankful that the writers very quickly put a depth into the character that I hope made up for it," Masterson said when asked what she thought about the number of Star Trek females in catsuits. "It seems that some characters, including Seven of Nine and T'Pol, were written for those reasons...that happens on a lot of shows, but I don't believe it needs to, and it definitely shouldn't have to happen on Trek."

Masterson finds the trend of casting women for their appearance to be a problem across the entertainment business. "There's so much more to focus on...I wish this industry generally respected viewers more, but a lot of people in this business donít even respect themselves," she said. "The journey that Leeta went on, in standing up for what is right in the Ferengi union, and in loving the guy who was only pretty on the inside, and especially in her having the strength required to remain committed throughout the inherent difficulties in their relationship, was an example to me of the kind of choices that are healthiest to make."

The actresses added that she is grateful to have worked on a show that was "both so meaningful and so well loved" and said that she had some ideas for a novel about Leeta and Rom. "DS9 was truly a forerunner of what television at its finest was morphing into," she said. "There are so many people who were not fans of the show while it was first airing who have become fans through watching it on Spike or watching the DVDs."

The full interview is at Trekdom.

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