Paramount Sets November Date For Animated Series DVDs

By Michelle
June 4, 2006 - 10:50 PM

After many years of keeping fans waiting, Paramount Home Entertainment has finally announced a release date for Star Trek: The Animated Series on DVD as well as an image of the cover artwork.

TV Shows on DVD, which posted an image of the artwork featuring Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and the Enterprise, also announced the date of November 21st of this year for the release of the complete animated series.

"As silly as the uniforms may seem on that art, it's all been used before," noted David Lambert, who posted artwork of the VHS and LaserDisc editions of the animated Star Trek for comparison with the new artwork. "As to the design of the's a new graphic inserted into this composition." Lambert felt it would have been a better idea to use the image of the ship from the LaserDisc cover art, but added, "it really doesn't matter WHAT the box art looks like: Trekkies everywhere (myself included) should be dancing around the room [because the series] is FINALLY coming to DVD!"

The November 21st date remains subject to change and there has been no announcement about whether or what extras might be included, though there were rumours two years ago that there were recordings made for a Columbia House subscription release that was later cancelled.

The cover artwork for Star Trek: The Complete Animated Series may be seen here and the information about the release is here.

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