Trinneer Remains Disappointed in 'These Are the Voyages...'

By Michelle
June 4, 2006 - 10:52 PM

Connor Trinneer said that he remains upset about the finale of Star Trek Enterprise and what he feels was the manipulation of the fans.

"I think we were as a cast more bothered by the fact that the episode itself was sort of taken from our hands and ultimately made as a Next Generation episode," Trinneer told fans at FedCon XV last month in an interview recorded by SF Radio (via TrekWeb). "I think that, you know, we felt as though we'd done all this work and devoted four years of our lives to this show...I don't really know what they were thinking, quite frankly."

Trinneer was quick to add that he did not blame the Next Generation co-stars with whom he worked on "These Are the Voyages..." "I love Jonathan Frakes and Marina [Sirtis], they're fantastic people, great actors...but we really sort of felt like, 'Let us put [our show] to bed,' and we were unable to do that."

However, Trinneer was equally disturbed by having heard that a Paramount executive might have spoken to a fan group about the possibility that fans could raise sufficient funds to pay for a fifth season for Enterprise. "I don't think that Paramount ever, for a moment, was considering a season five -- and I don't know who, in the higher echelon of that company, said that," he stated, noting that he found the suggestion offensive. "Shame on them for saying to the fans, 'Well, if you pay for it, we'll put it back on.'" He felt that people could use their money for "much better things" than millions of dollars to revive a television show: "This is a movie studio, and to ask fans to pay for their project, I thought was kind of unforgivable."

TrekWeb points out that Paramount officially denies ever having held talks with TrekUnited, the group that was attempting to solicit millions of dollars from fans and corporations to bring back Enterprise, and stated repeatedly that a fan-funded fifth season was never under consideration.

Excerpts from Trinneer's interview may be found here and here.

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