Anthony Michael Hall Talks 'The Dead Zone'

By Lisa
June 5, 2002 - 4:58 PM

Anthony Michael Hall recently spoke about his role on The Dead Zone, the upcoming genre series based on a Stephen King novel, created by former Trek producer Michael Piller.

"It's sort of a blend of the Stephen King macabre and what his fan base has come to expect and some science fiction," Hall told TrekWeb. He plays Johnny Smith, a man with strange abilities to see into the past and the future.

"There are ways to build this character from a physical, mental, and ultimately a spiritual standpoint," Hall said. "The fact is he tries to put his ability to good use. It's almost like each episode takes us into his mind because we have all these different forays into visions and premonitions and flashes that the audience has to piece together."

Hall went on to explain why it's difficult to pin the show down into one category. "It's a hybrid of everything, we're trying to tell really good stories," he said. "We're basically channelling these core characters that Stephen King has created in his great mind and we're taking these characters into very different situations each week."

He also talked about the ways the series will appeal to Star Trek fans. "Piller brings a lot of that to the table, the ability to write very compelling, intelligent dramas. Johnny Smith's ability is a portal of sorts just like the Enterprise was. It's a way to get into his mind as well as an opportunity to explore different story avenues for each episode and they continue to very varied and very compelling and very interesting."

Much more from Anthony Michael Hall including how he got the role and more about the production of the series, can be found by following this link to TrekWeb.

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