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Big Name Guest Stars For 'Enterprise?'

By Lisa
June 5, 2002 - 3:20 PM

Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) recently said that there has been talk of some high profile guest appearances on Enterprise.

"There's talk about them travelling back in time to us," Bakula told Star Trek Monthly. "Rick Berman was talking about bringing Patrick Stewart in somehow and bringing Whoopi Goldberg in.

"They're great, but there's no rush. I really hope they don't do that until year two or three, because there’s so much of our character relationships that we still have to explore."

He went on to talk about the atmosphere on the set. "We have such a great cast. I've always enjoyed being on the set. The hours are so long and the work is so hard when you're there - if you can't have fun while you’re there and enjoy the people that are there for the hours, it's a long time to be there. We're always playing - we're always having a good time."

Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) compared his role on the ship to previous Star Trek engineers. "[Engineering is] my office. But I don’t spend anymore time in there than I spend anywhere else," he said. "In fact, it's kind of hard to shoot the engineering room, because that big 'Warp' reactor's right in the middle. It doesn't seem to be where Scotty was in the original. He was there all the time. I'm everywhere."

He also talked about the physical challenges of the role. "I've always been a really physical person," he explained. "So any time that they’ll let me do something stupid, some sort of stunt, I do. I often break stuff. I've sort of become relatively well known for breaking any prop I get by the end of the day. But any chance I get to do my own stunts, I love to - I love the physical nature of it. It's like playing in the sandbox."

The full interview with Bakula and Trinneer can be found in the current issue of Star Trek Monthly, on sale now in the UK. Alternatively, extracts are online here at Scifi Pulse.

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