TNG Stars Visit Enterprise Set

By Christian
June 5, 2001 - 2:53 PM

Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker) and Brent Spiner (Data) recently visited the Enterprise sets to meet with series star Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer). According to the official site, the two TNG stars talked to Bakula about technobabble, Star Trek in general, and the show's uniforms.

While talking with Bakula, Frakes and Spiner were especially taken with the new Enterprise uniforms. They admired the more contemporary uniforms that the official site described as having a "looser look, natural fibers that breathe and [lacking] uncomfortable foot stirrups." In addition, the uniforms will finally feature zippers and pockets on them.

Previously, the uniforms have been described as being navy-blue jumpsuits, featuring yoke colours that indicate rank and function, a black turtleneck, and a left-shoulder patch featuring a logo of the Enterprise.

While Frakes and Spiner only visited the set, another Star Trek veteran will apparently be actively involved in Enterprise. British Trek site reported an unconfirmed rumour that stated Vaughn Armstrong will have a guest role in 'Broken Bow,' the two-hour pilot.

Armstrong already holds the record for having played the most alien guest roles on Star Trek. He first appeared as Korris, a Klingon in the Next Generation episode 'Heart of Glory' and went on to have two roles on Deep Space Nine. He has played no less than five parts in Voyager, where he was last seen as the Klingon Korath in the series finale 'Endgame.' Details about his involvement in Enterprise are still unknown, and unconfirmed. The original report about this can be found here.

Shooting for the pilot, meanwhile, is steadily continuing. Project Quantum Leap posted a short report from its source in Los Angeles, who confirmed that the cast will take a couple of weeks off after finishing the pilot to allow the studio to tweak some details. Production on the first regular episodes is expected to resume in late June.

The site also confirmed that UPN is currently planning to launch Enterprise in August, and not in October, as was stated by some local UPN affiliates.

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