Communicator Showcases Voyager's End

By Caillan
June 5, 2001 - 12:01 PM

Star Trek Communicator - courtesy Fan Media, copyright Paramount Pictures

The latest edition of the Star Trek Communicator magazine is jam-packed with news and articles on the latest Trek happenings, including a special 'Farewell Voyager' tribute.

Entitled 'Now And Then,' part one of the Voyager retrospective features an exclusive interview with Executive Producer Kenneth Biller on the show's seven year run. The article also includes memories from many of the actors who appeared on the series. The rest of the feature will be continued in later issues of the magazine.

For those fans who are following the latest tales of the Deep Space Nine crew, the magazine contains an article on the Pocket Books relaunch. This "Eighth Season" of the series has already started with Avatar, Book One and Two, written by S.D.Perry.

Other features in the Communicator include an interview with Rene Auberjonois (Odo), as well as a few more 'Women of Star Trek' articles that arrived too late to fit into the recent special edition. This incorporates an interview with Diana Muldar, who played Dr. Katherine Pulaski during TNG's second season.

In addition to these features, the magazine will include a special news report on Enterprise, which stars Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer.

The new issue of the Star Trek Communicator will be delivered to subscribers shortly. To subscribe to the magazine for only $19.95 (33% off the cover price), please follow this link.

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