Wizards Of The Coast Buying Last Unicorn

By Christian
June 5, 2000 - 10:49 PM

In a new press release, hobby games publisher Wizards of the Coast just announced they will be buying Last Unicorn Games, the publisher of role-playing games based on the Star Trek and Dune universes. Wizards of the Coast itself is owned by games giant Hasbro.

Last Unicorn was founded in 1994 by Christian Moore, Owen Seyler and Greg Orman. In 1997, they acquired the Star Trek license from Paramount, and have since then published RPGs based on the Original Series, the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. In general they have been very well received, with the TNG RPG even being presented with the Origins Award for best new role-playing game. In addition, they will soon be releasing 'Red Alert', a disk-based ship-to-ship war game, similar to the classic 'Starfleet Battles'.

Wizards of the Coast is the world's largest trading card and tabletop game publisher, owning the rights to 'Magic: The Gathering', 'Pokeom' and Dungeons & Dragons. In addition, they publish the Amazing Stories magazine, also containing original short Star Trek stories.

More can be found in the full press release.

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