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Star Trek X Screenwriter Revealed?

By Christian
June 5, 2000 - 8:01 PM

Corona Coming Attractions just printed a rather interesting rumour on the tenth Star Trek film, currently in development for release in late 2001. Over the past few months, Star Trek's Executive Producer Rick Berman has mentioned a few times already that he is working with a "big name writer who's also a Star Trek fan" for the film script. Now it seems the name of that writer might be revealed.

Corona are careful to note that this is still very much unconfirmed, and they're hoping to disprove or confirm it soon, but that "a little bird flew into [their] window today and said... screenwriter Akiva Goldsman has turned in his first draft of the new Star Trek script to Rick Berman this past week." They also add that they will be calling Goldsman's agency today, so hopefully we should have some confirmation on this soon.

Goldsman has indeed penned the scripts of many well-known movies. He wrote the last two 'Batman' films and produced 'Deep Blue Sea', as well as writing the script of the 1998 'Lost In Space' movie, which many reviewers compared to Star Trek. Unfortunately, many of these reviewers were also highly critical of those movies, and 'Lost In Space' certainly didn't perform very well at the box office.

What makes this rumour a bit more likely is that Goldsman does indeed appear to be a Star Trek fan. According to a report by Eon Magazine's Albert L. Ortega from about a year ago, Goldsman was one of a few sci-fi personas to attend the premiere of 'Free Enterprise'. This low-budget indie film was based completely on the makers' love of Star Trek, so it's a fairly safe bet to assume that anyone attending the premiere is also a big Star Trek fan.

Again, this news still has to be confirmed, so please still treat this as you would any rumour. However, the fact that Goldsman is both a 'big name writer' and a 'Star Trek fan' do give this rumour some more credence. Thanks go out to Daniel Kikin for this!

[Update, 22:04 GMT:] TrekWeb has contacted Weed Road Productions, the production company of Goldsman at Warner Bros., asking whether or not he had been hired to pen the movie. The answer was "No, no, not that I'm aware of in this office."

In addition, a call to the office of Rick Berman turned up a "definite no". Apparently, the rumour is just that.

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