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By Michelle
May 5, 2004 - 7:34 PM

Hello World!

This morning my husband took our older son to school at the usual time, while I took our younger son somewhat later. This is the second day in a row the boys have not gone to school together since the older one had an early field trip yesterday. As we were walking, the younger one asked me when he and his brother would be in school together again after this year -- they are three years apart, so the older one will be going to middle school next year -- and without thinking I said, "ninth grade." Then it hit me that saying "ninth grade" to a second grader is rather equivalent to saying "in a million years."

This made me sad, because it's obvious that he was asking this question with regret. My sister and I were not close growing up; I was a geek, she was a pommie, and we were four years apart in school. But my sons are very close, so much so that they play together at recess when the second and fifth grades are out at the same time. There's a big crossover list for their birthday parties of boys who come to both. They have walked to and from school together nearly every day since the younger one started public school. That is all going to change in the fall.

Walking home with them today the topic was Pokemon Colosseum cheats. Now, I have been heard to rant about the presence of video games in general and Pokemon in particular in my house, but there is no question that these have been sources of bonding for my children. (So have Buzz Lightyear, Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter and Tolkien, in roughly that order, though we're back to Pokemon after a lovely hiatus.) Tomorrow if I am lucky the topic will be Enterprise, but that's assuming that baseball is over early enough for everyone to watch.

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Poll Results

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Happy Birthday!

Best wishes to Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), who turns 62 today!

Today's Television Listings

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, UPN will show a new episode of Enterprise, "E". Here's the official synopsis of the episode:

An attempt to use a Xindi subspace corridor leads Enterprise to a bizarre encounter with another Starfleet ship.

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