Actors Want To Keep Coming Back To Trek

By Lisa
May 5, 2001 - 9:40 PM

Landing a guest role in Star Trek often means an actor wants to do it again. Nowhere was this more clear than at a recent convention at the Chiller Theatre in New Jersey, where Trek alumni gathered to recall Star Trek memories and share their aspirations for Series V.

Present at the convention was Marjory Monaghan, who recently (story) confirmed that she had indeed auditioned for a role in the next Star Trek series. The actress talked about her previous Star Trek role, as Freya in the Voyager episode 'Heroes and Demons.' "It was a lot of fun," she said, as reported at the Great Link. "The sets were incredible, I know the crew, and it was just great."

Also interested in a gues spot in the fifth series was Michael Berryman who had roles as Captain Rixx in the Next Generation's 'Conspiracy' and as the Starfleet display officer in Star Trek IV. "I'm going to try out for the fifth Star Trek series," he said. "I heard a few blurbs here and there, and I'm hoping the writers' strike doesn't affect that too much."

Clearly playing a Star Trek character can have unexpected side effects. Yvonne Craig, who played Marta in the Original Series' 'Whom Gods Destroy' claimed to still have green paint on various parts of her body thirty five years later. Her role as self styled "Master of the Universe" Garth's Orion mistress required that she be covered in the substance. "Well, it was loads of fun doing the character. It was very difficult with the green paint - they couldn't get it right. One day they used something else, but the next they finally got it right."

Jenette Goldstein who played a science officer in Generations spoke about how she landed the role. "I auditioned for it, but I'll tell you the truth, it was the director's son, who was 11 years old; saw Aliens and said, 'She's my favourite actress, and you gotta have her in the movie! I wanna meet her!' But I'd like to think it was my talent more than anything."

Even some of the actors themselves are often surprised by how much interest there is in their roles, 35 years after they shot the scenes. Barbara Bouchet played Kelinda in the Original Series' 'By Any Other Name' and appeared quite overwhelmed at the response. But she admitted it was great to be recognised for something that happened so many years ago. "This is all new to me. I don't mind, I like it. It's fun and I see a lot of people," she said. "All of these things that I've done over the years I've forgotten, and I'm being appreciated for them."

The actress had little memory of her time on Star Trek. "The only outstanding memory I have of Star Trek is that William Shatner asked me out and he waited outside my trailer." She said. However, all did not go well. "I didn't recognise him because he had no hair!"

More comments from the Trek Stars who attended the convention, including Iona Morris and Julie Caitlin Brown can be found at The Great Link.

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