Voyager's Homecoming Not Certain Yet

By Christian
May 5, 2000 - 3:55 PM has put up a report of an appearance by Star Trek Executive Producer Rick Berman on the Los Angeles UPN affiliate KCOP last night. In the interview, he again confirmed Series V will launch in September 2001, he also talked about the final season of 'Voyager', the outcome of which apparently hasn't been determined yet:

Berman also spoke about the final season of Voyager, saying that the series will conclude either with the U.S.S. Voyager returning home, or remaining lost in the Delta Quadrant. "There are a great number of repercussions in either scenario," he said, pointing out that the fates of certain characters come into question if they reach Earth. For example, what will happen to the Maquis crew members who are outlaws to the Federation, the Doctor whose holographic program has far exceeded its original design, and Seven of Nine, whose Borg heritage will be of great interest to Starfleet?

If the crew remains stuck on the other side of the galaxy, Berman said, "there are numerous interrelationships between our characters that might be dealt with in very unique ways."

Berman promised that fans can expect some major surprises from Star Trek: Voyager in the next year. "I would always like to believe that, with one season left, the best episodes are yet to come," he said.

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