Braga Talks 'Unimatrix Zero'

By Christian
May 5, 2000 - 3:40 PM

Over at Cinescape, they've put up a report from the shooting of 'Unimatrix Zero', this year's Voyager finale. Cinescape's Melissa J. Perenson attended the filming of a scene set in a cyberworld that only select Borg drones have access to, about which Voyager's executive producer Brannon Braga had to say the following:

It's kind of the Borg meets the Matrix. It's cyberspace. When certain drones who have the mutation step into their alcoves to regenerate, they wake up here. They're here for four hours a day. But when they leave, they're mindless drones again. They don't remember anything. So Janeway is going to give them a way to remember, so they can take action in the real world.

The Collective is getting close to discovering this place, and even though maybe only 20,000 drones come here out of 20 billion, it poses a threat to the Collective. They need someone to help them on the outside, and so they brought Seven of Nine back in, because she has this mutation, she used to come here. And they need her help on the outside to stop the Collective from finding them. Janeway learns of this place...she realizes it has potential to maybe unravel the Borg once and for all. She sees it as a potential resistance movement, and she's going to find a way to let the drones retain their individuality in the real world, and possibly start a Borg revolt.

In the meantime, Seven, who used to come here for years and years, doesn't remember it, but she is gradually starting to remember she had a romantic relationship with this guy; they were in love. So Seven will have her first romance.

This is a cliffhanger. There will be a part two at the beginning of the year. We think of this as part III of the Borg Trilogy. There was 'Scorpion', where Seven of Nine was introduced, there was 'Dark Frontier', where Seven of Nine went back to the Collective, and this is the third and final part of the big Borg two hour things."

'Unimatrix Zero' airs on the 24th of May.

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