First 'Andromeda' Cast Photos

By Christian
May 5, 2000 - 3:26 PM

The official Andromeda web site has been updated with the official cast list for this upcoming SF series, providing a photo and a biography for each cast member. Apparently, the main cast will consist of seven people:

  • Kevin Sorbo as Captain Dylan Hunt, the last starship captain of the System's Commonwealth High Guard.
  • The two-meter tall Keith Hamilton Cobb as the genetically engineered Tyr Anasazi, first officer of the ship.
  • Lisa Ryder as Beka Valentine, the sexy but tough commander of salvage ship Eureka Maru.
  • Lexa Doig as the starship 'Andromeda' (or at least, the ship's humanoid appearance).
  • Laura Bertram as the "spirited but mysterious" Trance Gemini.
  • Gordon Michael Woolvett as Harper, the ship's young, wise-cracking tech-expert.
  • And finally, Brent Stait as the alien Rev Bem.
In addition, the official site now also has a list of all the cities 'Andromeda' will be shown in - the series has been cleared in 163 markets, or 94% of the United States.

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