More 'Fury' Reviews

By Christian
May 5, 2000 - 1:39 PM

In addition to yesterday's three mostly negative reviews, another three reviews have gone up today, also almost exclusively not very positive about the episode. First up is Jason Bates at IGN Sci-Fi, who awards the episode just 3 our of 5 stars:

"Fury" is an ok episode. Plenty of action for a change, plus we get some closure on the Kes story. The look back to the early years of the crew is fun, but that doesn't justify the gratuitous use of time travel. That and the lack of any clear-cut motivation for Kes' rage make this at best an average episode with a confusing, disorienting aftertaste.

A plot synopsis and a look at the large amount of technobabble again used can be found in the full review.

A lot more positive is Kenneth Silber in his review for

"Fury" is a strong episode that raises the intriguing question of whether Janeway's management of Voyager, however good her intentions, might be deleterious to the lives and careers of crew members. The episode strives to give an optimistic answer to that question, at least in this case. But some observers, contemplating matters more broadly, may be less than reassured.

The full review has a short plot synopsis, memorable quotes, a reality check, and more.

And finally TrekWeb has put up its review of the episode, written by guest reviewer O. Deus, who draws a comparison between 'Fury' and 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier'.

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