First 'Fury' Reviews

By Christian
May 5, 2000 - 12:52 AM

Michelle Erica Green at Another Universe has put up a new edition of her Hailing Frequencies column, including an ultra-short analysis of yesterday's 'Fury'. Here's half of her review:

It was good to see Joe Carey again, and I liked the banter from the Doctor reliving his first-season angst about being turned off and not having a name. I also very much enjoyed the ready room scene between Janeway and Chakotay, who had all the warmth and eye contact they've been notably lacking for the past few seasons. But the problem with exercises in nostalgia is that they make the viewer...well, nostalgic. Like Neelix, I'd rather remember the original Kes.

The full column includes, besides the other half of the review, a complete 'Fury' plot synopsis, a look at the latest Trek news, and a review of 'Galaxy Quest'.

Also not too impressed was Michael Marek, resident Star Trek guru at Cinescape. Here's a snippet from his review:

In a broader sense, all of the cast members did a nice job of reprising their first season selves. It was not overt, but it really seemed like they had been in the Delta Quadrant for only 56 days and had not yet blended into the unified team we now know. The dialog by Bryan Fuller and Michael Taylor had several nice touches, but not enough to save a weak story by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. When you remember that these are the people who are designing the next Star Trek series, it is a bit unsettling.

Marek's full review can be found at Cinescape.

Finally, Jeff Bond has also put up his review of the episode at Eon's Tube Reviews, calling it "too disjointed and confusing to work", and awarding it a C+. Click here to read more about that.

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