Ron B. Moore Not On Trek XI, But Loves 'New Voyages'

By Christian
April 5, 2007 - 3:30 PM

Like many former Trek professionals, Ron B. Moore said recently he probably won't be involved in the official next Star Trek film, but is still keeping in touch with the universe through the popular fan film phenomenon.

"It would be very unlikely," Moore said when asked at Seb's Raw Takes whether he would be helping out with the visual effects for Trek XI. "It's all new people now. I'm glad to see JJ [Abrams] coming in and the names they have coming in. Like Matt Damon as Captain KirkÖ They have huge shoes to fill. The charisma, the chemistry, of the original series will be hard to match."

On New Voyages, Moore said he has mostly been active as a consultant. "I think it is a really great episode. Mark Zicree shot it in HD and the story is really good. I consider George Takei (Hikaru Sulu) a friend and it is always good to work with him though sadly we didnít spend much time together during this project. George has been on many of the Trek cruises I have been on. The latest episode of New Voyages in nearing completion. I believe they are having a screening in Florida at the end of March. There will be some work that needs to be done after but you should be able to see it before long.

Besides attending several of the Cruise Trek conventions, Moore has also been active with the Enterprise Blues Band (story). But the former Trek Visual Effects Supervisor is also still working on some other television shows. "I spend some time last year working on Smallville and Miami Vice and a few other projects working with a company in Santa Monica. At the end of the year and the first of this year I have been involved with Rush Hour 3 doing some visual effects editing and producing. It has kept me busy but I am also involved in looking for another project to get into."

For more from Moore, head over to Seb's Raw Takes.

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