UPN Releases Press Release For 'In a Mirror, Darkly'

By Michelle
April 5, 2005 - 10:15 PM

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A UPN press release reveals a love affair between the alternate universe characters of Archer and Sato in the upcoming Star Trek: Enterprise two-parter "In a Mirror, Darkly."

Sci Fi Universe reproduced UPN's press release for the first part of the double episode, which identifies a character known as "Grizzled Human", to be played by Franc Ross, as well as anticipated guest star Vaughn Armstrong as Forrest.

"An amoral, imperialistic version of the Enterprise crew, led by a new captain with Archer as his treacherous first officer, makes an astonishing discovery (that ties directly to the original "Star Trek" series) during a mission into enemy alien territory," states the UPN press release, which describes "In a Mirror, Darkly" as "the first of a special two-part arc set in a dark alternate universe."

"In the alternate universe, a power-hungry Archer schemes against Captain Forrest, his lover Hoshi, and loyal slave T'Pol, so he can lay full claim to the discovery. Later, Phlox happily tortures a captured alien for information Archer needs," adds the notice.

"In a Mirror, Darkly" is scheduled to air on Friday, April 22nd. The episode is directed by James Conway from a script by Mike Sussman.

The press release may be found at Sci Fi Universe.

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