'Free Enterprise' Director Helming 'Night'

By Christian
April 5, 2001 - 5:42 PM

'Free Enterprise' director Robert Meyer Burnett will be helming the new vampire film 'Night', written by 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' writing team Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz.

For an interview to be published tomorrow at our Andromeda sister site, SlipstreamWeb, Stentz described the film as follows: "It is a vampire movie, but it reinvents the vampire genre in a really interesting way, because it takes place ten years after vampires have taken over the world. The main characters are the human resistance movement to the vampire-ruled planet."

'Night' is currently in development by a new production company called Endless Entertainment. The film is currently in very early production, but it is not known yet when shooting will start. "It's waiting on cast, and it's waiting on the uncertainty of the strike as well," said Stentz. "But we're very optimistic about [the film], it is a front-burner project of [its] production company."

Stentz isn't worried that the film will get lost among the many other horror films coming out. "There seems to be a bottomless pit of horror movies, and the thing about it is that ['Night'] is not a teen-slasher movie," he explained. "It's action-horror, and it's much more serious and sombre even than the teen-slasher films."

The addition of director Robert Meyer Burnett to the movie should help give the film credence among the genre audience. Meyer directed the independent Star Trek comedy 'Free Enterprise', starring William Shatner (James T. Kirk) as himself, which became a minor hit in limited release and on home video. Burnett also worked on films such as 'The Specials' and 'Dead in the West'.

For a bit more info on 'Night', as well as the first info about another Miller-Stentz project, the sci-fi comedy 'Mars Needs Trucks', visit Andromeda fan site SlipstreamWeb tomorrow!

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