New Voyager Season Finale Spoilers

By Christian
April 5, 2000 - 11:49 PM

Two SF sites recently posted some new info on 'Unimatrix Zero', this year's Voyager season finale, airing on the 24th of May. Firstly, TrekWeb posted the following short report about the finale:

Janeway is in fact not assimilated as a drone, but as the new Borg Queen and will share an on-screen kiss with Seven.

Besides this news report, which is apparently still just a rumour, Cinescape posted a convention report from a reader named Sabrina, who attended this weekend's Grand Slam convention in Pasadena, California. Apparently, at the convention Brannon Braga provided lots of new info about 'Unimatrix Zero':

UZ is a sort of huge regeneration area (did not specify if it's on a Borg cube or an assimilated planet) and certain drones are allowed to go there for what I guess is the equivalent of Borg R&R, where they are allowed to be individual for a short time. Anyway, it turns out that Seven was one of those lucky drones sent to UZ, and that she had a love affair with another drone there. I believe the part about some Voyager crew members getting assimilated by the Borg is true, but the main thrust of the story is Seven going back to UZ to look for her lost love (whom I guess she forgot about). Anyway, Braga intimated that she'll be involved in some steamy-ish love scenes.

The full report, mostly containing Sabrina's personal opinion of Voyager's producers, can be found at Cinescape. Is there anyone else who is beginning to really look forward to 'Unimatrix Zero'? The regeneration area sounds like a great idea, and should provide some very creepy scenes - can you imagine being let go from the Collective and knowing you'll be re-assimilated again a fixed while later?

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