First Finale Spoilers?

By Amy
March 5, 2001 - 7:43 PM

Sci-Fi Wire has just posted brief interview with Voyager’s co-producer, Bryan Fuller. During the interview, bride though it is, he provides a veritable feast of small spoilers, including what could possibly be the first information on the closely-guarded series finale.

The first announcement he made is that we’ll be seeing a number of returning faces, including the missing-until-recently engineers, Lt. Carey and Lt. Vorik. Carey, played by Josh Clark, we already knew would be returning in recently confirmed episode 'Friendship One', but no episode information for the return of Alexander Enberg as Vorik is out as of yet. Fuller also informed the site that we’ll be seeing the "hierarchy aliens again, from 'Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy'" with a "thread[ing] through some familiar faces to keep the audience happy."

Most interesting, however, is the following quote: "We will see Barclay again, definitely; I'm not sure if we'll see Troi in the final two hours," which seems to imply that, even if there’s no Deana Troi in the series finale, there will be Reg Barclay (Dwight Schultz) in Voyager’s final two hours – not surprising, really, since he’s a member of the 'Pathfinder Project' dedicated to getting Voyager home. Beyond that, Fuller, like all other producers for the show, is rather tight-mouthed about what we can really expect in Voyager’s final hours.

"There are also plot elements threaded through the last few episodes," he told the site about the final few episodes, "where we have a sense of getting to the ultimate goal, without being quite so blatant about it." There’s no serialized arc, as such, as was seen in the previous series, Deep Space Nine, but "we [should] feel it building to some sort of crescendo". Fuller thinks it would be anti-climactic for them to get home before the final episodes – again implying that we’ll see exactly that – or that Voyager will even get home in the last few minutes – though he does comment that they might not make it. "The story should end with them getting home or not being able to get home ever."

To read the full interview with Bryan Fuller, please follow this link to Sci-Fi Wire.

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