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By Amy
March 5, 2001 - 6:24 PM

Hello World!


Ok, I admit it. I...

... am actually starting to warm to the idea of ĎHuman Errorí. Not much, I admit, but even what little bit that allows me to think about the episode without crying out of sheer disgust feels like a complete betrayal of my shipper roots. Iím still not very happy about it at all, but Iíve managed to calm myself to the point where Iíll be able to watch it Ė and actually, maybe even enjoy it if it turns out to be any good. Maybe. Perhaps. Thatís not a definite there, and if Sevenís problem isnít fixed by either then end of the episode (which a little bird tells me itís not) or within several episodes or we find out that Seven doesnít *want* to get it fixed, well.

Odd, isnít it Ė the way this whole Series V thing has taken over everything?

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Trek Two Years Ago

2 years ago today, March 5, 1999, some of the headlines were:

  • Eon Interviews Nicole DeBoer: Then in Eon Magazine (issue 14.0), there's an interview with Nicole DeBoer (Ezri Dax), entitled 'Dax All Folks.' In the article, written by Christopher Allan Smith, DeBoer talks about the end of DS9, DeBoer's experiences on the show, and also has DS9 writers Ron D. Moore and Ira Steven Behr talking about how much they like the character.
  • 'Course: Oblivion' Overnight Ratings Report Up: "Course: Oblivion" slightly increased over "The Disease" in the overnights, capping sweeps with a 5.1/7 rating, up 4% over last week's 4.9/7. Unfortunately, that's quite a bit off from the first two sweeps weeks, and should probably drag the entire month below last year's February mark, marring Voyager's shot at a year-to-year increase.
  • Everyone Hide! Shatner Sings Again!: According to a report by CNN Showbiz Correspondent Mark Scheerer, William Shatner (James T. Kirk) had collaborated with recording artist Ben Folds to create the CD 'Fear of Pop:'
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Today's Television Listings

  • The Sci-Fi Channel will be showing the Original Series' 'Bread and Circuses' at 5:00pm Eastern Time.

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing the Original Series' 'Metamorphosis' at 10:00am Eastern Time, TNG's 'Interface' at 12:00pm, 'Metamorphosis' again at 4:00pm, DS9's 'The Recknoning' at 5:00pm and Voyager's 'Fury' at 10:00pm.

  • In the United Kingdom, Sky One will be showing DS9's 'Starship Down' at 17:00 and at midnight GMT. At 20:00, they will be showing the new Voyager episode 'Drive'. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

  • In the Netherlands, Veronica will be showing DS9's 'The Ship' at 17:15 CET, while Net5 will be showing Voyager's 'Parallax' at 18:40. Thanks go out to for this!

Tomorrow's Television Listings

  • The Sci-Fi Channel will be showing TOS's 'Assignment Earth' at 5pm.

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing Voyager episode 'Fury' at 4:15am, TOS's 'Journey to Babel' at 10am (repeat at 4pm), TNG's 'Gambit Pt.1' at 12pm, DS9's 'The Valiant' at 5pm and Voyager's 'Life Line' at 10pm.

  • In the United Kingdom, Sky One will show DS9's 'Sword of Kahless' at 1700 Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

  • In the Netherlands, VOO will show DS9's 'Looking for Par Mach in All the Wrong Places' at 1750 while Net5 will screen Voyager's 'Time And Again' at 1840 Thanks go out to for this!

  • In Australia, Channel Nine will show DS9's 'Resurrection' at 11pm. Thanks go out to the Australian Babylon 5 & Star Trek air schedule

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