Voyager To Lose Main Crew Member?

By Christian
March 5, 2001 - 2:38 PM

The death of a Voyager crew member has been suggested by many as a plot development that should be happening in the series finale, with even Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) expressing her desire for a "poignant ending." Now it seems Voyager may indeed be losing a main crew member, though in a much more peaceful way, as the British SFX Network just posted some new info on one of the final Voyager episodes ever.

According to the site, Neelix will be leaving Voyager in the episode 'Destiny'. As previously reported, in this episode Voyager will encounter a colony of Talaxians, Neelix's native race, and Neelix will attempt to save the colony from a danger that is facing it. Apparently he will be successful in this, as SFX is now reporting that at the end of the episode Neelix will in fact choose to remain with the Talaxians rather than continue with Voyager.

Ethan Phillips, who plays Neelix, is reportedly filming his final scenes for the show this week, after which he will be departing the cast of 'Star Trek: Voyager'.

This new plot development, if true, would indeed fit in with the character of Neelix. As the only crew member on board with no ties to the Alpha Quadrant, he might not be particularly interested in starting a new life in the Federation. If Voyager's homecoming is indeed coming closer, it would not be unlikley for Neelix to choose a life among his people over accompanying Voyager to the other end of the galaxy.

Unlike what was previously thought, it now also seems Voyager will in fact have a bit of a story arc leading up to the finale. In the episode 'Author, Author', the crew will establish a new means of direct communication with Starfleet, while an episode later, in 'Friendship One', they will go on a mission for Starfleet and attempt to retrieve an old Earth probe. With the character of Q likely being wrapped up in the story 'Q2' and now this news about Neelix, it seems the producers are at least making an effort to tie up some of the show's major storylines before the finale, instead of having to fit everything in a two-hour episode.

As usual, please be aware that this new report has not been officially confirmed by Paramount, and should be treated as you would any rumour. The original SFX report on this can be found by following this link.

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