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'Stigma' Gets Initial Thumbs Up

By Antony
February 5, 2003 - 10:32 PM

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Initial reviews of tonight's 'Stigma' — Enterprise's contribution to Paramount's Aids awareness drive — seem to be positive about the episode.

"It's clear that Enterprise is commenting on the AIDS epidemic and the stigma often felt by members of the gay community," wrote G.J. Donnelly at TV Guide Online. "Here, series creators Rick Berman and Brannon Braga try to tackle the subject with a script that, while flawed, earns points for imagination."

Donnelly felt Jolene Blalock got a chance to shine, but was hindered by the script. "Social agendas aside, this is a showcase for Blalock and the actress makes the most of it. Through her expressive eyes and subtle inflection, Blalock lends T'Pol a dignified vulnerability worthy of the subject matter. Unfortunately, the resolution is predictable, and the tone throughout is a bit too politically correct."

Overall, Donnelly seemed to give a thumbs up to the episode. "Overall, Enterprise's intentions are good and more than compensate for any dramatic lapses. It's refreshing to see a serious issue treated with understated grace rather than preachy self-righteousness. 'Stigma' may only be one small step for TV, but it's one giant leap for Enterprise."

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly has put Enterprise at the top of its choice of 'tonight's best TV'. "The similarities to the early earthly reaction to HIV are unmistakable," the site reports, referring to T'Pol's illness. "It's a thoughtful examination of both pride and prejudice, although the choice of B story (in which Dr. Phlox encourages Trip to make whoopee with one of his wives) makes for a bit of an odd pairing." The site gave the episode a final grade of B+.

The full TV Guide review can be found here, and Entertainment Weekly's article can be found here.

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