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An archive of Star Trek News

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By Caillan
February 5, 2003 - 11:48 AM

  • Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman has contributed to a New York Times article on space exploration. "We wanted people who were closer to us," Berman said of the latest series. "These people are not sure how well their ship will stand up. Perhaps because we're getting closer and closer to real exploration there's a desire for us see characters that we can relate to."

  • George Takei (Hikaru Sulu) weighed in with his thoughts on the Columbia tragedy at his official web site. "The crash of the Space Shuttle Columbia was a shocking tragedy," he said. "The alarm has now been sounded. From the charred debris scattered over a hundred miles across Texas and Louisiana, the NASA program must rise again like a Phoenix. We owe this to the memory of those heroic science- adventurers of the Columbia." Read the full article here. Thanks to Adam Walker for this!

  • United International Pictures has announced 'Star Trek Nemesis' will not be released in Norway, according to Star Trek Norge. The film had been scheduled to premiere on March 21.

  • Robert Beltran (Chakotay) has been added to the guest line-up for Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention to be held in Las Vegas from August 1-3.

  • has posted a list of all Paramount shows which will be contributing to Viacom's AIDS awareness campaign.

  • Over at Star Trek: Hypertext, Jamahl Epsicokhan has uploaded his review of 'The Catwalk.' Here's an excerpt from the analysis:

    Anyway, before this review becomes fodder for a cynical epitaph arguing the obsolescence of the Star Trek franchise, I will say that "The Catwalk" is fairly successful on its given terms -- those of narrow adventure scope. We have The Problem and then The Solution and then Some Aliens and then The Twist and then some Alien Invaders and then The Action, all of which are executed adequately.

    The episode was given a score of 2.5 out of 4 in the full review.

  • According to the Hollywood Reporter, UPN sitcom One on One is the "top-rated show this season among black households."

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