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Wright-Up Reviews

By Amy
February 5, 2001 - 4:13 PM

Rejoice all devotees of the Temple of Jim, for the reviewboy has posted, not one, but two new reviews over at Delta Blues. Both last week's 'Repentance' and the previously aired 'Shattered' have been treated to the full Wright-up reviews, and a snippet from the former can be found below.

I must admit, when I saw the promos for this episode, I wasn't looking forward to it...but it exceeded my expectations. "Repentance" does continue the somewhat odd pattern of Janeway working against expectations, though. You never quite know when Janeway will be a Prime Directive strict constructionist, and when she'll decide to write her own rules as she goes. This week was NOT an example of "Janeway or the Highway," and I suspect there are many who would have preferred that Captain. Janeway did stand her ground in some ways--limiting the warden's liberties as he abused his authority in the cargo bay, making requests and/or demands within the bounds of Nygean law (if not necessarily Nygean tradition). She just drew the line short of taking the law into her own hands.

As for the other characters...the Doctor has been consistent in his Life Beats Death programming, and he's never been shy about promoting his views both by speech and by object lessons. Seven was also consistent--staking out a philosophical position, but amending it when an individual gives her something new to think about. Chakotay's (very) limited screen time showed him, as is often the case, as the conscience of the crew. Tom Paris, the ex-con, had a cynical view of the condemneds' tales of woe--he's been there, bunked with that. Neelix, the morale officer, did his best to treat the prisoners like people, did his homework, and proved that no good deed goes unpunished, but he showed in the end that even his own gullibility has its limits.

To read Jim's full review of 'Repentance', click here, while to get the run-down on 'Shattered', follow this link.

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