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John Byrne On Star Trek Comics

By T'Bonz
January 5, 2008 - 11:40 PM

Comic artist John Byrne will revisit the Star Trek of his youth with two new Star Trek comics, one of which continues the story of an original series episode.

As reported at Newsarama, Veteran comic artist John Byrne recently spoke about his upcoming Star Trek projects and Star Trek in general. Byrne will be working on two projects; Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Romulans which is slated for February, and Star Trek:Assignment Earth which is due out in May.

In Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Romulans, the Romulan Empire has a new "ghost ship" that can't be detected by normal means. There is concern over whether the ship will be used for war with the Federation or something even more sinister. Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Romulans is Byrne's first full Star Trek work.

Byrne is an old-school Star Trek fan, who admits to preferring the original series. "Star Trek should never have been anything but a fond memory of a series that lived and died in the 1960s," he said. "But that's also very selfish. I don't care much for the later iterations, but a whole lot of people do."

When asked about what he likes about the Romulans compared to other races, Byrne said, "The Romulans, at least TOS version, were Vulcans with emotion. It was interesting to see the familiar trappings, with that added."

Byrne is enjoying working on the Romulan issue. "So far it's been a hoot," he said. "Paramount made me truncate my Romulans story a bit. I had to remove certain elements that didn't fit with their version of the lore, as it turned out. But so far it has been nothing like the nightmare that, say, Space: 1999 or Indiana Jones turned out to be. Those were the ones that made me swear off licensed products 'forever'."

The original series's Assignment Earth episode was one of Byrne's top ten episodes. Byrne was drawn to the show because as a kid, "I just thought it was really, really neat. First, I was a Robert Lansing fan, from his other work. Also, I am a sucker for time-travel stories. And Teri Garr was so darn cute!"

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