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Star Trek XI Rumors

By T'Bonz
January 5, 2008 - 9:25 PM

Young Kirk is the bad boy of the Academy, says source who claims to have seen the Star Trek XI script.

As reported at Ain't It Cool News, someone has reportedly seen the Star Trek XI script and shared bits of it with AICN. "[Kirk's] the bad boy of the Academy," says the person who shared the information. "At his graduation there are actual protestors outside the ceremony carrying signs stating that Kirk cheated."

After graduation, Kirk is put in command of a starship which causes great controversy, and has to prove himself not only to Starfleet, but to his new crew who is wary of him and his bad reputation.

"The character of both young and old Spock work well," said the source. " consistent with Trek canon...I'm pretty sure that's because of Nimoy's involvement. Young and old Spock do meet and there is a clever as well as Trek consistent reason why young Spock's foreknowledge of events won't create problems in the future."

Another source was impressed with the look of the Enterprise, saying "...When I saw the new look of the Enterprise, I just wanted to go out and buy a model kit of that or something. I'm quite sure it will get as much positive response as the Milennium Falcon did. Yes, the stuff is that detailed."

In other Star Trek XI news as reported by The Trek Movie Report, Leonard Nimoy, appearing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, stated that William Shatner would not be in the film, the reason being that his character "was killed off like four movies ago." When reminded that Spock had been killed off and brought back, Nimoy said, "I was resurrected immediately. He has been moldering for quite a while."

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