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Nimoy On Photography And Star Trek XI

By T'Bonz
January 5, 2008 - 3:41 AM

Photography and working on Star Trek XI have kept Leonard Nimoy busy recently.

As reported at CBS 2, photography has been almost a lifetime hobby for Leonard Nimoy. "When I was about thirteen, a neighborhood kid showed me that you could develop a roll of film in the bathroom," he explained. "That's how I learned to do it. I fell in love with photography. And I've been doing it ever since." Nimoy now develops his own photos, using a darkroom located in his own house.

Nimoy still owns his first camera, an old Kodak. His first photograph, taken in the early 1940s, was of his grandfather, who emigrated from Russia first, later sending money back for the rest of his family to join him in America.

"It takes fierce concentration from me," said Nimoy, referring to his photography. "...the nature of the work demands very specific attention to what you're doing to get it right."

Recently, Nimoy's new book of photographs, The Full Body Project, Photographs by Leonard Nimoy was released recently as reported in this article.. He used plus-sized women for the shoot. Nimoy explained that beauty wasn't confined to one type of woman. "Beauty is culture driven," he said. "Our culture tells us, has been telling us for some years now, skinny is beautiful. But beauty is a big word. It shouldn't be limited to just skinny."

Besides photography, Nimoy is acting again, reprising his role of Spock for Star Trek XI. He explained how he approached playing the popular character. "I was able to identify with the inner life of that character and I think that's the most important thing that I could bring to it," he said. Nimoy also dropped a tantalizing hint about Spock in Star Trek XI. "There are a total of the three Spocks in the movie, that's all I'm going to say about it."

To see the videos, go to the site located here.

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