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By Michelle
January 5, 2007 - 11:00 PM

Hello World!

Happy 2007! Between my 40th birthday, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year's, it's been a long time since I wrote this column and so much has happened that I don't know where to start. I've been to Gettysburg and to A Dickens of a Christmas on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and to the Delaware Museum of Natural History and to Fort Christina. I've seen winter lights at Seneca Creek State Park in Maryland and Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. I've seen Happy Feet, Eragon, Night at the Museum and various other movies picked by my children, though I still haven't made it to Dreamgirls, which I've been waiting for on film since I was around my son's age.

Trek prospects for 2007 look good. It appears likely that J.J. Abrams' proposed feature film will be greenlit and hopefully will begin production before summer. There are also numerous fan films available on the internet, many written by, directed by or starring people previously involved in professional Star Trek productions. There are new comic books and novels in the works. Now that we've celebrated the 40th anniversary of the original series, we can celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Next Generation.

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-How important is diversity to you in TV shows or movies?

-Should the Klingon ship in "Friday's Child" be redone?

-Are you going to watch Doctor Who next season?

Many more topics can be found at the Trek BBS!

Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from January 2005:

  • Trek 11 Rumoured To Be Off Paramount's Agenda
    Rumours circulated that the eleventh Star Trek film proposed by Rick Berman, which had been in the early stages of development at Paramount, had been shelved because the studio was "not happy with the direction that the story was headed."

  • 'Enterprise' Looks 'In A Mirror, Darkly'
    Star Trek prepared to enter the Mirror universe for the first time since Deep Space Nine's "The Emperor's New Cloak" aired in 1999 as the crew of the NX-01 prepared to encounter the alternate reality in the episode "In a Mirror, Darkly".

  • Stewart Wants To Return To Theatrical Roots
    Patrick Stewart (Picard) said that he was looking forward to resuming his theatrical career and had no desire for the moment to star in a television series again as he did on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

More news can be found in the archives.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

It's the weekend! Do your plans include...
Finally catching up on sleep! 56.5% - (829 Votes)
Finally, a new James Bond movie! 20.7% - (305 Votes)
Finally getting my Wii! 6.2% - (91 Votes)
Finally getting my PS3! 5.7% - (85 Votes)
Finally time to start holiday shopping! 4.6% - (68 Votes)
Finally time to work on Thanksgiving dinner! 3% - (45 Votes)
Finally, 'Happy Feet'! 2.9% - (44 Votes)

Total Votes: 1467

Please vote in our new poll on what would really make news for Trekkies in 2007!

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, January 7th is the birthday of Mark Allen Shepherd, who played Morn on Deep Space Nine; Monday, January 8th is the birthday of both Michelle Forbes, who played Ro Laren on The Next Generation, and Stephen Hawking, the famed physicist who appeared on The Next Generation.

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