Stewart Talks 'Trek 11' and 'Eleventh Hour'

By Michelle
January 5, 2006 - 9:12 PM

While Patrick Stewart is promoting his new ITV series Eleventh Hour, reports continue to surface that the 65-year-old actor might be interested in playing Captain Picard in one more feature film.

Yahoo! UK reprinted a WENN report that Stewart said he was interested but afraid that he would be too old to play Picard by the time the next Star Trek film is ready to shoot.

"Weighty people in Hollywood have come up with a very interesting proposition," Stewart explained. "But they told me it was still two, three or four years down the road, by which time I would only be able to sit in the captain's chair and not have the energy to get out of it!"

Meanwhile, Stewart spoke to The Daily Record. about "boldly going back on the box" in his television role on Eleventh Hour

Stewart plays Professor Ian Hood, a retired physicist who tries to clean up disasters from scientific mishaps. "I can't believe my good fortune and that I was smart enough to leave Hollywood and come back to the UK 18 months ago," Stewart said. "The chance to do Eleventh Hour was perfect, and was exactly what I was looking for. It's contemporary, urban and gritty, and on subjects that really interested me."

Over the course of the series, his character investigates human cloning, a smallpox epidemic, a reputed cure for cancer cure and evidence of global warming. "This was a great opportunity to do something on the environment, so I was delighted to do the episode...I saw evidence of global warming when I was in Canada while making X-Men 3 with the retreating of glaciers," Stewart explained.

Eleventh Hour debuts on ITV on Thursday, January 19th.

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