Voyager To End On May 23

By Christian
January 6, 2001 - 12:02 AM

Speaking Friday morning at the biannual gathering of the Television Critics Association, UPN Entertainment President Tom Nunan officially announced that 'Star Trek: Voyager' will end its seven-year run on Wednesday the 23rd of May, 2001.

As was expected, the show will end with a special two-hour finale, in which we will presumably finally learn whether the ship will go home or not. What was not yet known is that a day earlier, on Tuesday the 22nd, UPN will also dedicate two hours of programming to the show's end.

First, at 8:00pm the network will be airing a one-hour retrospective of the series, featuring highlights from the past seven seasons, interviews and recollections from the cast, and a personal video shot over the past several months showing the final year of production for the show. At 9:00pm, that retrospective will be followed by a rebroadcast of a Voyager episode selected by viewers as their Viewer's Favourite.

"We are immensely proud of this extraordinary series, one that launched – and inaugurated a broadcast network – on January 16, 1995 and since then has ensconced itself into science fiction history," said Nunan. "Saying farewell to the exceptional cast and production team will be sad and this retrospective somewhat bittersweet, but we wanted to share with our viewers the many fond memories of this compelling and provocative series."

Though Paramount of course still did not want to divulge what will actually happen in the finale, Executive Producer Kenneth Biller said he expects viewers to be happy with what they see. "We keep saying that we've saved the best for last and we really hope the audience agrees."

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