News Bullets

By Michelle
December 4, 2003 - 5:13 AM

  • Yahoo! reprinted a National Enquirer story in which Tori Spelling reportedly refused to have her picture taken with William Shatner, calling him a "hasbeen."

  • Shatner also appears as the "Man's Man" in the January issue of Femme Fatales, which will be on newsstands on December 9th.

  • And Shatner will appear on the Cartoon Network's Space Ghost on December 7th.

  • The January/February 2004 issue of Ferrets magazine has an article entitled "It's a Fan-Filled Universe", discussing the trend among science fiction fans to enjoy the animals and projecting what Kirk would be like if he were a ferret. Thanks to Anne.

  • For this month's contest, the Starfleet Communications Network will award Art Asylum's Enterprise NX-01, autographed by designer John Eaves.

  • Yahoo reports that the autobiography of George Takei (Sulu), To The Stars, will be on display starting this month in a preview exhibit for the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. Takei had sent Clinton a copy of the book. Thanks to Enterpriser.

  • Monkee's review of "Carpenter Street has been posted.

  • Wired News has a report on a new, handheld LED, jokingly called Warp 10 for its Star Trek style, used to treat wounds in the Navy. Thanks again to Enterpriser.

  • The Hollywood Reporter noted that Louise Fletcher (Kai Winn) would appear alongside Donald Sutherland and Juliette Lewis in the independent film Aurora Borealis, filming in Toronto under the direction of James Burke. Thanks to Doug Wilson.

  • A story on quotes mistakenly attributed to President Abraham Lincoln mentions the Star Trek episode "The Savage Curtain", in which Lincoln made an appearance. Thanks to Paul.

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