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By Lisa
December 4, 2001 - 8:20 PM

  • First TV Drama's Richard Whettestone has posted his review of Enterprise's 'Cold Front'. "So, Braga claims he has this grand continuing story worked out about a Temporal Cold War from the future, and this episode was written by some people named Stephen Beck and Tim Finch?" he wrote. "It sounds like not only Braga doesn't have it worked out at all, but that any staff writer can make up the Cold War as they go along."
    The full review can be found by following this link.

  • More details about the forthcoming Next Generation DVD release has been posted at the Digital Bits. 'Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season One - Collector's Edition' is set for a release in March. The 7 disc set will include all 26 episodes of the show's first season, along with more than 2 hours worth of cast and crew interviews and rare behind-the-scenes footage. A trailer for the special edition is included in volume 40 of the Original Series DVD release. Thanks go out to Michael Colvin for this news.

  • Keckler at Mighty Big TV has posted the usual lengthy recap of Enterprise's 'Cold Front'. "I'll bet I never would have noticed how bored out of my gourd I am by the set if the acting hadn't been as enthralling as an actuary at an actuarially-themed cocktail party," he wrote. The full analysis can be found here.

  • UK TV channel Sky One has officially unveiled its Winter line-up of shows. The listing includes "The Mighty Enterprise" which will begin airing in January. A more specific air date for the series is not yet known. More details of Sky's Winter TV schedule, including Enterprise can be found herein the original press release.

  • The Starfleet Library reviewer C.A. Voigts has posted her 'Cold Front' review. "Again, small details were paid attention to. Things we needed to know were explained in a natural way. Even the name of the episode was worked in nicely," she wrote. "The loss of Danielsí devices was logical and fitted into the story. I do wonder what use Danielsí sensors will be put to - after all, they were not destroyed. The little touches of humour throughout an otherwise dramatic episode were nicely inserted."
    For the full analysis, follow this link.

  • Captain Janeway's uniform - as worn by Kate Mulgrew on Voyager will be up for auction on eBay on December 12th. The lot has an estimated price of $4,000.00 - US $6,000.00, with bidding starting at US $1,500.00. Details can be found here. Thanks go out to Geordi for this news!

  • The Star Trek Charity Auction has also officially begun on eBay. Ten of the thirty items on offer are now online for bids, with more to follow. Proceeds will benefit families of the September 11th tragedy. More details can be found here at SyFy Portal.

  • The new 'Star Trek Top Ten List at's SciFi Fans is entitled 'Reasons Why they Don't Celebrate Chanukah on Star Trek' including:

    Truly evolved humans make a point of getting a nice gift once a day all year 'round.

    More can be found here.

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