Hamilton Camp, DS9's Leck, Passes Away At 71

By Christian
October 4, 2005 - 1:57 PM

Actor, singer and songwriter Hamilton Camp, who appeared in both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, died last Sunday from a heart attack. Camp was 71.

On DS9, Camp played the atypical Ferengi Leck, who liked knives more than money. Leck was first seen in the fifth-season episode "Ferengi Love Songs," then appeared again in the sixth season's "The Magnificent Ferengi," in which Quark recruited him to rescue Moogie. In the same year he made his final DS9 appearance, Hamilton guest-starred on Voyager's "Extreme Risk" as Vrelk, the Malon controller who unsuccessfully tried to steal Voyager's multispacial probe.

Beyond Trek, Camp made guest appearances in recent years on shows such as Titus, Grounded for Life and Desperate Housewives. However, he might be best known for his role as handyman Andrew Hummel on the 1967 sitcom He and She, while a younger generation might recogise him as the voice of several dozen cartoon and video game characters, ranging from Gizmoduck on Ducktales to most recently the Prophet of Mercy in the Microsoft video game Halo 2.

Camp was almost fond to recall that he was a regular cast member on two of television's biggest flops: the 1969 show Turn-On, cancelled ten minutes into the airing of its first episode, and the 1979 frat house comedy Co-ed Fever, yanked from the CBS schedule after only one episode. Camp apparently didn't really mind, as he always had enough work in film and television, but also had a successful career as a folk singer. He recently completed recording a new original album, which is still scheduled to be released at the end of this year.

More on Camp's passing can be found on the blog of Mark Evanier, as well as on Camp's own homepage.

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