News Bullets

By Michelle
October 4, 2004 - 4:44 PM

  • Alec Newman discusses the Augments, being a fan of Khan and the unfortunate hairstyle he wore during his upcoming appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise with Zap2It. Thanks to Ian.

  • East of Hope Street, the award-winning indepedent film by Star Trek: Voyager's Tim Russ (Tuvok), was released on DVD on September 21st. More information on the movie can be found at DVD Empire, while the film itself can be ordered from

  • Voyager's Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) spoke about playing Katharine Hepburn in The Arizona Republic. Thanks to Totally Kate!

  • TrekWeb has a report on Creation's Salute to Star Trek and Sci Fi convention with William Shatner (Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock) among others.

  • credits Star Trek with helping to inspire the development of the internet.

  • Monkee has posted her review of Enterprise's third season.

  • So has Jammer at Star Trek Hypertext.

  • The Enterprise Project reports that it has raised $5710 in four weeks for its fall Hollywood Reporter ad an ongoing project to place flyers on college campuses.

  • Trekpulse has posted 297 screen caps from The Next Generation's "Evolution".

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