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Final 'Nemesis' Poster Revealed

By Caillan
October 4, 2002 - 4:16 PM

'Star Trek Nemesis' poster - courtesy StarTrek.com, copyright Paramount PicturesParamount Pictures recently released the final theatrical poster for the latest - and possibly last, according to the tagline - Star Trek: The Next Generation feature film, 'Star Trek: Nemesis.'

As seen here to the right, the poster depicts the film's principal villain Shinzon, who was also the subject of the teaser artwork, holding a Reman blade high above his head. On the other side, the faces of Data and Picard loom from behind the wisps of green smoke. The bottom right-hand corner contains the billing block and the numbers '12.13,' which refer to December 13, the film's North American release date.

Just like the previous poster and the two trailers, the artwork features the 'Nemesis' tagline - 'A Generation's Final Journey Begins.' But according to actor Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), it is the fans who will determine whether the film is really the last hurrah for the TNG crew.

"The fans continually ask the question, 'Is this the last movie? Please don't tell us it is. Let there be another movie,'" Stewart told the Sci-Fi Wire. "So I say to them, 'We've done our part now in all of this. Everyone from [producer] Rick Berman to the cast, the writer and the director has played their part. But now it's up to the fans.'"

The actor emphasised that the film will debut against heavy-hitters such as 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,' the next James Bond movie, 'Die Another Day,' and the second 'Lord of the Rings' installment, 'The Two Towers.'

"You know how it is with movies these days. Unless you're a low-budget independent movie that can sit around in a couple of cinemas in New York and Los Angeles for several weeks, if you don't do [big box office] in that first weekend you're dead. I would love to see 'Nemesis' hit a home run that weekend, to use a current image. That, more than anything, is what would promise a further episode of The Next Generation."

According to the Internet Movie Database, while 'Nemesis' will premiere on December 13 in the United States, fans in other parts of the world will have to wait until 2003 to see the film. 'Nemesis' will debut January 1 in Australia, January 2 in Germany, and January 3 in the United Kingdom. The Netherlands will follow on March 20, Norway on March 21 and France on March 26.

The large version of the poster is available here at StarTrek.com, while more from Stewart can be found at the Sci-Fi Wire.

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