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First 'Precious Cargo' Details

By Caillan
October 4, 2002 - 3:36 PM

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Captain Archer will lend a hand to a pair of alien traders with some rather unorthodox merchandise - and maybe something to hide - in the upcoming episode 'Precious Cargo'.

Sources today revealed the first information on the Enterprise episode, which has a production number of 037, meaning it will likely be the eleventh installment to air this season. The below information only describes the events of act one, and further plot developments are not known at this point.

Enterprise answers the distress call of an alien trading ship, and invites the crew onboard. Two rather grimy aliens - Firek Goff and Firek Plinn - emerge from the airlock and gratefully thank Archer for rendering assistance. Firek Goff reveals that their ship carries an unusual cargo - a young woman who is being kept in a stasis pod.

The traders were hired to return the woman to her home world, but as the journey is so long, they put her in suspended animation. However after the pod began to malfunction, they were forced to divert power from other systems to keep the pod running. Firek Plinn tells Archer that it will still be another five months before they reach her home world, and they're concerned that they won't have enough supplies or room for the woman if she wakes up - the ship was designed to carry cargo, not people. Even worse for the traders, if they are unable to deliver the woman, they won't get paid.

Commander Tucker is enlisted to help the traders with their difficulties, and Firek Goff asks if they could be permitted to "refresh themselves." Archer graciously agrees and offers them a shower and a meal.

After Firek Goff has showered and his clothes have been cleaned, he visits Archer in his ready room. The Captain notes that the trading vessel can't maintain speeds much in excess of warp two, adding that Enterprise could arrive at the woman's planet in less than a week travelling at warp four point five.

Goff politely declines, saying he couldn't inconvenience Enterprise anymore, but Archer presses the issue, telling the trader that it's part of their mission to make first contact with new civilisations. Once again, Goff refuses, and Archer tries to sweeten the deal by offering to house their ship in the cargo bay, allowing the traders and the woman the run of the NX-01.

However, that is simply not an option, according to Goff. He says that the deal has been meticulously planned and the woman's family aren't even on their world at the moment since they aren't expecting her for another five months. The trader does accept Archer's offer of a meal, and the pair head off to the galley, leaving the captain puzzled...

It is not known who wrote or directed 'Precious Cargo.' Please keep in mind that the above information is based on an early draft of the episode, and details may change before the episode goes to air. Also please note that no official information about the episode has been released yet, and until then you should treat this as you would any other rumour.

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