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By Amy
October 4, 2000 - 12:20 PM

  • Leonard Nimory (Spock) will be performing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, serving as both host and narrator on the 7 th of October at 7pm. This is the season-opening gala, which will be held in honor of violinist Isaac Stern's 80th birthday. Other performances will be held on Oct.6 at 8pm, Oct.7 at 8pm and Oct.8 at 2:30 pm. More information can be found at the orchestra's website, Thanks, go out to Lisa for sending this in!

  • Anthony C. Ferrante at the Mothership has put up an old interview from about two years ago with Robert Wise, the director of 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture', in which he oddly enough doesn't talk about the Trek film at all.

  • TrekWeb has recently posted an interview with Brent Spiner (Data) about the movie, 'Star Trek: Insurrection' taken from Issue 54 of Dreamwatch Magazine. While the interview is actually several months out of date, Spiner does talk about playing Data, his character arc in the movie and the 'Insurrection script'. You can order the back issue of the magazine, which also appears to contain interviews with most of the rest of the TNG cast, at Dreamwatch Magazine.

  • Cinescape is holding a poll on what people would like to see happen in the next Star Trek movie. The five voting options are: 'Data dies', 'Picard dies', 'Q re-appears', 'Kirk returns' and 'Don't Care' and it can be found at Cinescape's main page.

  • Fandom's Star Trek Central is on day #1 of their Voyager countdown, where AntonyF gives us his top-ten ever Voyager episodes. Day #2 saw STC writer Ariel write on her hopes for season seven while day #3 looked at Voyager producers and day #4 was dedicated to Voyager flashbacks.

  • According to Digital Bits, the next TOS DVD´s are due out on 24/10/00. The volumes are numbers 18 & 19, and two of the four episodes are "The Doomsday Machine" and "Amok Time". Thanks go out to Cai Berger for this!

  • Former UPN affiliate KVC13 has announced that it will no longer be carrying UPN programming, including Voyager, in Austin, though according to newspaper reports, it may be possible for Austinites to use an out-door antenna to receive a signal from Fredricksberg, some 80 miles away. Thanks go to J.R. Corte for sending this in.

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