Rumours Of Vulcan Crisis Spark 'The Forge'

By Michelle
September 4, 2004 - 4:36 PM

Terrorists will reportedly cause havoc on Vulcan in a three-episode mini-arc on Star Trek: Enterprise next season.

Sources have told TrekWeb that in "The Forge", the first of the Vulcan installments, a "Federation embassy" on Vulcan is bombed, killing a character named "Ambassador Forrest" whom TrekWeb speculates may be Admiral Forrest in a new capacity or a relative of his. (The United Federation of Planets may not exist as such - executive producer Manny Coto said recently that this season will likely lead toward such an event.)

As a result of this assassination, Archer goes to Vulcan to investigate and is led into the Vulcan desert by T'Fon, a military-style Vulcan investigator working for the V'Shar - the Vulcan High Command's security wing. Evidence suggests the involvement of a religious cult, the Syrrans, whose leader is believed to have found the remains of Surak, the philosopher of Vulcan logic. A Kohlinar master, Arev, offers to guide Archer to the Syrrans.

Some details of this storyline parallel comments Coto has made about his plans for the Vulcans. As previously reported, Coto has wanted to use the differences between original series Vulcans and Vulcans as seen on Enterprise as a springboard to exploring Vulcan evolution. He had said, "Weíre actually developing that story now and itís turning into this great, really fascinating Lawrence of Arabia tale with TíPol and Archer in the desert to go and find these Vulcans who are traitors."

"The Forge" is scheduled to begin filming on September 14th. Michael Grossman, who directed "Hatchery", will reportedly direct. Until any of these details are confirmed by Paramount, they should be considered hearsay.

The original report comes from TrekWeb.

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