Sato Finds Love In 'Exile'

By Michelle
September 4, 2003 - 10:40 PM

Hoshi Sato plays Beauty to a mysterious alien beast in the upcoming gothic-themed episode "Exile", which is scheduled to air on October 15th.

A new production report at about the Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres)-directed episode calls "Exile" a "classic beauty-and-the-beast tale" in which the alien Tarquin uses his telepathic abilities to convince Sato to help win him Captain Archer's trust.

Tarquin, who has been abandoned by his people because of his abilities, says that he will assist the NX-01 crew in tracking down the Xindi. But though Archer agrees to work with Tarquin, he later has reason to reconsider.

Maury Sterling, who plays the alien, appeared as a human in scenes with Sato but wore hideous prosthetics to show his character's true appearance. Sterling has appeared on numerous genre shows including Angel and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and in films such as Behind Enemy Lines.

Tarquin lives in "a gothic yet futuristic abode" with architectural details painted to appear to be ancient. An arboretum and an exterior portion of the "castle" will be seen in the episode, decorated by Jim Mees with candles, exotic flowers and other accoutrements of gothic stories.

For more information about the episode, the original article may be found here.

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