Is 'Enterprise' Losing Faith of the Heart?

By Michelle
September 4, 2003 - 12:54 AM

After two years of fan complaints about the Enterprise theme song, "Faith of the Heart", are the producers finally considering making a change?

TrekWeb reports that the electronic band Woven has recorded a new, original theme song for the series, delivered to the production studios last week. A spokesperson for the band said that Woven became aware of the opportunity through InterScope Records.

Other sites have reported numerous rumours that Enterprise will overhaul its opening credits, changing everything from the images to the theme of historic travel. SyFy Portal suggests that UPN may be adding the Star Trek name to the Enterprise logo, based on advertisements for the series' fall premiere.

"Faith of the Heart", written by Diane Warren and performed by Russell Watson, may also remain in a "new, 'more energetic' arrangement, according to TrekWeb sources. This would not be an unprecedented move; Deep Space Nine's theme music was given a new arrangement at the start of that series' fourth season.

Paramount and UPN have not confirmed any plans to change the theme music for Enterprise, nor has any official announcement been made about plans to put the Star Trek brand on Enterprise's logo.

The original item about Woven's recording may be found at TrekWeb.

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