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Spiner & Stewart Praise 'Nemesis' Script

By Lisa
September 4, 2002 - 6:44 PM

Brent Spiner (Data) and Patrick Stewart (Jean Luc Picard) were full of praise for 'Star Trek Nemesis' screenwriter John Logan in a recent interview.

"The script is excellent because we had a real A-list writer working on it," Spiner told Dreamwatch Magazine (via Scifi Pulse). "Not to say that our writers in the past haven't been good. They've been terrific, but John has kind of hit his stride. He's also a fan and has been for a long time. So he really knows the show, maybe better than we do. He contributed a great deal."

Stewart agreed. "John also has a stage background. He's written plays. So he has a theatre background and I think thatís an important element," the Captain Picard actor said. "It always has been in Star Trek. It's of interest that most of the principals have stage backgrounds and are not just primarily television or film actors. There is something that's slightly larger than life about Star Trek. I think John has tapped into that while keeping it all very real."

Stewart explained how Logan's touch on the screenplay affected his character. "[John's] given me some fun things to say and to do, but also in the three or four critical scenes between myself and Shinzon he has written a subtlety of relationship and psychology to those scenes that I think is very distinctive and very typical of John. It's different in tone."

Spiner talked about the ways he worked closely together with Logan. "John called me and said, 'I donít know how to get the two of you out of a room in a particular instance.' It actually involves how to get us off Shinzon's ship," the actor explained. "I went in my backyard, sat for a while and suddenly inspiration hit. I phoned John instantly and said, 'I think I've got it.' And he said, 'Thank God, that's it.' It was just chance inspiration."

More from both actors, as well as the rest of the Next Generation cast can be found in the current issue of Dreamwatch Magazine out now in the United Kingdom. Extracts from the feature are available online here at Scifi Pulse.

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